THE ROLE OF A&O Estate Agency

We supervise the whole process of purchase and sale, from selection of properties to the change of name for the utilities of your new home, which is to say from A to Z.

Our objective is to find the property that is destined for you.

For this we follow a simple but efficient working method:

We listen to the criteria you are looking for in a property in order to focus our search.
We carry out a selection of houses amongst our books and in the network of accredited, professional agencies with whom we partner.
We make a plan to visit the properties that correspond to your criteria.
We refine the search thanks to the feedback we get from these visits.

And VOILÀ: Mission Accomplished!

Our clients are our greatest asset and from the trust they put in us, is born our purpose and commitment.

We are an Agency affiliated to API, the Real Estate Association, with training and experience in the field, catering in particular to a Francophone and German clientele.

Our origins allow us to communicate in Spanish, English, German, French, Italian and Valenciano.

Your project in this region is our priority.

To bring this about, we give the best of ourselves, based on our experience in the field and our knowledge of the area, dating back 25 years.

By giving a passionate and committed support to our clients throughout the whole process, and working as a team with a network of excellent professionals.

Our aim is to achieve your objective.

To achieve this we work with the confidence we have from our experience as Real Estate agents and residents of this region.