The marvelous microclimate of Jávea makes it one of the most privileged places to live in the world.

It is an ideal destination to go on holiday at all times of the year and of course, a perfect place to live.

Its Mediterranean climate makes the winters mild. The temperatures at this time of the year hover between 12º to 20º.

The lowest temperature never falls below 3 and it rarely snows.

It rains occasionally but when it does it tends to be very intense and thankfully only for a short period of time.

In autumn – September, October, November – when it rains, it pours! we sometimes experience meteorological phenomenon known as “Gota Fria”, characterized by very heavy rains which can end up overflowing the local rivers.

Summers are hot! the average temperature reaches 35 and the sea is warm till mid-October.

We are very aware and grateful of the  privilege to live in this Paradise called Jávea/ Xàbia.