Eating in Jávea

Jávea’s gastronomy is only comparable with its incredible coves and its rich cultural heritage. A cuisine in which rice dishes are the star dish par excellence and are prepared in all its variants: mellow, baked, a la banda, a la marinera,…

The fish and bay of Xàbia are one of the most highly-rated foodstuffs that recalls the sailor’s past. With the freshly caught fish you can prepare delicious stews such as “suc roig” or “cruet de peix”. Another very peculiar and appreciated product for the people from Jávea are the sea urchins, here known as “bogamarins”.

Tapas and cocas are a good way to taste the local cuisine, among which the esgarrat, snails or capellans stand out. To finish your meal you cannot miss our typical desserts made from almonds, oranges, raisins and figs such as torta de almendra, pastissets or pelota dulce.

Where to eat

Jávea has a very wide and interesting offer of restaurants and bars where it is easy to  enjoy traditional and Mediterranean cuisine. International gastronomy also has its place. Italian cuisine, tapas restaurants, sandwiches, hamburgers, Asian cuisine, regional Spanish cuisine and Valencian gastronomy: all options are possible in Jávea.

Furthermore, there is the innovative cuisine which in recent years has been consolidated. Chefs and restaurants opt for innovation base don traditional cuisine offering a unique opportunity to explore new flavours.

Jávea and its Michelin Stars

Jávea has two restaurants with three Michelin Stars. It is thus proven that Jávea is at its best moment, local cuisine is certainly magnificent.

Bon Amb restaurant head chef Alberto Ferruz has consolidated its position in the culinary Olympus with two Michelin Stars. In 2017, El Rodat Hotel Restaurant joined too, headed by chef Nazario Cano with his first star.

Bon Amb obtained two suns in the Repsol Guide and La Perla restaurant won one given their big effort in the kitchen.